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Our unified, multi-discplinary team assists business owners, their companies and their employees in three primary services areas:

Meeting with Clients

Exit & Succession Planning

Infinity Point assists private business owners in selling all or part of their businesses, transitioning to successors, and in procuring capital.  


We specialize in utilizing Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOPs) as a tax-advantaged, multi-purpose business tool that provides optimal solutions to many essential business questions, including:

  • What’s the best way to sell all or part of my business—competitor, private equity, internal management, ESOP, other? 

  • How can I pass control of my business on to others, ensuring the company’s  ongoing success while preserving what I most care about? 

  • How can I sell existing or new shares to raise cash, for business or personal use?

  • How can I negotiate a better offer from an interested buyer, whether private equity or a competitor? 

  • How can company shareholders gain liquidity hassle-free and in the most tax efficient manner?

  • How can I raise debt or equity capital for growth, or to refinance existing debt? 

  • Can I use pre-tax dollars to acquire and grow?

Exit & Succession Planning
Meeting Room Business

Our experienced team unlocks the full inner potential of ESOP-based worker-ownership to create next-generation enterprises that outperform conventional companies in every respect.  When combined with the right best practices that teach employees to think, feel and act like owner-entrepreneurs, companies and their employees achieve the highest possible levels of alignment, engagement and commitment to personal development and organizational success. 


Ownership culture best practices have developed through more than five decades of demonstrated success in the best-of-the-best ESOP companies. These best practices include:

  • Open Book Management  -  Training in financial- and business-literacy as it applies to real-time operations gets everyone on the same page with regard to your business fundamentals. Every employee gains direct line-of-sight from their decisions to the company bottom line. A shared window into operational and financial metrics creates incomparable transparency and peer accountability, and provides all employees with the tools to optimize their performance.

  • High involvement financial forecasting – Employees learn to drive the company like a unified team, sharing a real-time view of the playing field and the action, enabling adaptive responses to challenges and opportunities as they emerge. 

  • Rapid-Improvement Plans – Self-managing teams regularly identify improvement opportunities, set stretch goals, celebrate achievements and share profit gains to create a rhythm of winning.  

  • High-Involvement Planning – The workforce leverages its collective intelligence to build company-wide alignment and engagement around corporate strategy and business mission. 

  • Level 7 Organization Development, Leadership & Social and Emotional-Intelligence Training – Skill-building in leadership, interpersonal dynamics and social and emotional intelligence improve collaboration, learning metabolism and productivity.  As your leadership team and workforce master skills in psychological security, interpersonal relations and self-esteem, they enjoy the highest possible cohesion and alignment around  company objectives. 

  • B-Corp Certification –  Commitment to rigorously measure and improve standards of social and environmental performance, accountability and transparency build pride in your organization and win recognition from partners and customers.    

  • Other Ownership Culture Best Practices


According to national averages, companies that implement such best practices achieve increases of

  • 6X profit % growth

  • 2X revenue growth

  • 3X engagement

  • 2X retention

High-Engagement Ownership Culture Development Services

High - Engagement Ownership Culture Development Services
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Bridge Capital & Business Accelerator Services

Infinity Point CDFI

Infinity Point CDFI, our affiliated non-profit Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI) and Business Accelerator, offers qualifying businesses bridge capital to assist with the costs of ESOP conversion and implementation of ownership culture best practices.  We invest in our partner companies’ success.

Bridge Capital
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